Instagram Adds “Recently Deleted” Feature to Restore Posts

Instagram has lately been working on a lot of new features. They consistently attempt to improve user experience. Now they have come up with a really useful feature that most users will probably love to have. Until now there was no way of getting back posts once they were deleted on Insta. But now the social-media giant has come up with a feature that will help restore deleted posts. Instagram is all set to roll out its “recently deleted” feature in the app that will give the user an option to review and restore deleted videos, photos, IGTV videos. Reels, and stories. 

The decision has been taken with the realization that accounts are sometimes hacked. In such cases, the user information is at risk, as the hacker might delete everything. Now with the new feature, there will be an option to get back all the posts even if they are deleted. To give an extra layer of protection, Instagram is also making it mandatory for users to confirm they are the owner of the account with an email or text before they can delete or restore content. This confirmation will be required starting today.

The posts that are deleted will remain in a folder for 30 days. If the user does not wish to restore them, they will be permanently deleted after that point. There won’t be any way in which they can be restored after the 30-day time limit is exceeded. But there is one exception- Stories. Users can access their stories in the recently deleted section for 24 hours. Once that time limit is exceeded, the stories will be deleted permanently. To access the folder user needs to navigate to Settings> Account > Recently Deleted. 

The new changes indicate that Instagram is giving its users more control over their content. Now everyone will have a chance to change their mind before the posts are permanently deleted. However, Instagram already has an archive option to hide the content they don’t wish others to see and don’t want to delete either. But the new feature is a bit different and it is not hard to understand why Instagram is doing it.

The company is benefitted by having as many posts as possible on the app and website. More content means more engagement which in turn means more revenue for Instagram. So, by giving users an option to restore their deleted posts, Instagram is benefitting itself in the long run. 

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